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  Summer Intensive Studies: New York
PNNY0102  Drawing and Painting, Pre-College
PNNY0103  Fine Arts: Visual Narratives, Pre-College
PNNY0105  Photography: Digital & Video, Pre-College
PNNY0106  Photography: Analog & Digital, Pre-College
PNNY0108  Fashion Design Pre-College
PNNY0110  Product Design, Pre-College
PNNY0111  Graphic Design, Pre-College
PNNY0120  Environmental Studies: NYC Ecosystems
PNNY0130  Interior Design, Pre-College
PNNY0140  Game Design, Pre-College
PNNY0150  Illustration, Pre-College
PNNY0160  Design Management, Pre-College
PNNY0170  Drawing and Design, Pre-College
PNNY0180  Design and Technology Lab: Sound and Vision, Pre-College
PNNY0201  Animation Design, Pre-College
PNNY0202  Drawing and Painting, College/Adult
PNNY0205  Photography: Digital & Video, College/Adult
PNNY0206  Photography: Analog & Digital, College/Adult
PNNY0208  Interior Design, College/Adult
PNNY0209  Graphic Design, College/Adult
PNNY0210  Product Design, College/Adult
PNNY0212  Fashion Design, College/Adult
PNNY0213  Design and Technology Lab: Sound and Vision, College/Adult
PNNY0214  Integrated Design: Learning from Fieldwork, Pre-College and College/Adult
PNNY0217  Architecture, Pre-College
PNNY0230  Textile Lab, College/Adult
PNNY0250  Illustration, College/Adult
PNNY0260  Design Management, College/Adult
PNNY0300  Summer Studies in Constructed Environments
PNNY0301  Animation Design, College/Adult
PNNY0309  Graphic Design II, College/Adult
PNNY0317  Architecture, College/Adult
PNNY4001  Integrated Design: Collaborative Development, College/Adult
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